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I forgot how much I hate this thing.



Back in NY. I’ll post a proper ending later after I’ve slept. For now, please enjoy this ball mouse.


Was that on the DC’s crash cart?




Ah that sounds like the life. One time i spent a month away with work, i took an HDMI cable, xbox controller and played Fallout 4 on the tv in the hotel/apartment during some of the downtime. Hard life.

Are you some kind of traveling server repair person?


I do contract IT for some small businesses as a side job. This equipment is all mine. It’s been sort of my lab but after this refresh I’m more confident in providing production services with it.

It’s an hours drive from where I live. The main obstacle is that I don’t own a car, so I have to rent one to go work on it. I managed to do everything remotely for 1.5 years so this trip was basically a backlog of things I had to do in person.


Retooling the firewall on the Ubiquiti router…


Well, I managed to crash the Edgerouter Pro for the first time in its 4 years of life.


In this window, I added the vtun240 interface to DNS Forwarding and accidentally clicked apply under Dynamic DNS. I instantly realized my mistake and clicked Save instead (while it was still processing the apply) and I immediately lost all connectivity.

The tech at the DC graciously rebooted it for me and it came back up 100% ok, even with the vtun240 DNS config saved.

It’s worth noting that reboot-on-panic is set to true but was not triggered.

Let this be a reminder to all of us to always schedule a future reboot when remotely configuring network equipment.


Cleaning up the media tv situation.

IR sensor and keyboard usb dongle hidden behind a picture frame.