>>>only people who beat fear 2!<<&

okay so i played through the game but the ending was kinda lame. like she grabs you and then its over? i think that was kinda a lame ending. but it kinda sets it up for a fear 3.. o.O im jw what you guys thought of the ending anddd if you heard of a fear 3...probably not for a while though since it just came out

Please, get an avatar. I don't know why but i can't take you seriously without one. And I haven't played fear 2, too scared. kthxbai

lol she rapes you

lol who cares if i dont have a avatar

It is pretty much mandatory. Otherwise we will identify you as a troll.

I will anyways.

You beat it right? I am at the part where I went inside a room/elevator and I am in this laboratory showing a live feed of the person warning me to kill Alma. How far am I?

like 70%?

umm i think i saw an explaination somewhere

although i am pretty sure she fucks you

but allot of the fans have been saying she is prego and she did it with Becket

idk it was weird

she looks prego

so who knows

minus 1 on google search

whatever i dont care

and your probably about 70 yeah