Only got one out of the two mugs I ordered

I just received my order and only one out of the two mugs were in the box and the invoice said 2 mugs were ordered.



i hope you can get a full refund.


Logan was very willing to help the guy who didn't get his shirts. I'm sure he will do whatever he can to help you out. 

Does Logan ship out orders or does a company do it for them?

We have someone local doing it for us and he has had a less than 0.5% error rate so far. Some things do get messed up though. Anyway, email me and I'll have him send the other one asap.

[email protected]

Wow ... only 7.25 hours wait time from the OP to problem resolution.... that's what I call service. +1 Logan!

I will email you the two pictures without the info blocked off tonight. 


Thats good, then everything will be allright ☺

I sent the email. 

Its almost been a week and still no response.

he's overwhelmed with minutia.

Be patient, Logan is very busy atm.

Wow... that totally got lost in my inbox. I also missed a couple important emails from ADATA and ASUS this week while traveling. AHH. Anyway, we are shipping out the replacement and we have also set up a customer service email address that goes straight to our merch person. It should work way better now without me as a middleman. 

Logan, you don't play TF2, so stop wearing all these hats and hire more people to be part of the TS Team

Thank you for the great customer service.

Thanks for the T-Shirt!