Online subscription gaming

Hello Logan & Wendell & Friends,

I was just wanting to get your opinions regarding subscription based online gaming.  Do you think it's a good thing or a bit of a ripoff?  I completely get the idea that content doesn't make itself and the developers have to make a living, so if you want a game that continues to evolve and be dynamic maybe it's the way to go.  But to pay $60 for a new game and then have to continue to pay $10-$15 a month to continue playing it just seems a bit much in my opinion.  Over the long term it's going to be one expensive game.

I think I'd be happier paying a monthly subscription if I was able to get the game upfront for free.

What is your take on the whole online subscription gaming thing?

When I had the time to play it, I had no issue paying for WoW.  Now that I don't have near the level of time, I don't touch it.  Sub model isn't bad inherently, unless it's EA, then it's terrible, but I would much rather play a game with a sub than a pay-to-win F2P game.  That's just me.

I personally don't want to spend that much money for a single game. I do agree with you, having a base game that is free with a monthly subscription is a lot more fair to players. Especially with WoW's expansions - how much do you end up spending just to get the game now?

It seems to be the big question with games that have a continuous flow of content.  The subscription system seems somewhat fair, but I think the devs ask for too much money (then again, are they?  I have no idea what it's like in the other side, but I suspect the larger companies care more about the short term gains than the longevity of a game).

I suppose the other option is to have micro-transactions, but this can steer dangerously into a pay-to-win scenario.  I remember Firefall was having some issues with their micro-transaction system where many were saying it was becoming pay-to-win, which I don't agree with 100%.  Most of the purchases were for cosmetics, but it has been a while since I have played the game and things could have changed since.  As soon as a game goes P2W forget about it!