Online school for programming

I'm sure this question has been asked to death and I have been doing a lot of research on it. I figured I would ask around here to see what some paths other people might have chosen.

I haven't been in a classroom, I don't even want to count how long it's been. Plus my personality,I'm kind of an adventure/loner. I've been known to take off and fly to some random country with just some Savings in my account. Anyway I'm getting off topic here.

So my plan is to find an online regionally accredited school whether it be bachelor's or Master's for programming/coding.

I'm pretty sure they exist however one thing I'm not certain on is whether they offer core or a well-rounded curriculum. I prefer to get straight into it but either way is fine with me. One thing I hope to avoid is going to school for 4 to 6 years and only understanding Theory and not even knowing how to code when I get out.(like my friend)

My goal is to be able to work freely from my laptop anywhere I go. Some interests of mine would be able to build apps, databases, websites from scratch.

It isn't accredited but have a look at or


I started with has some good stuff but you should only buy courses there when you are after something specific and you know what you are doing to some degree.

I can not praise enough, they are the shit.

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Thanks for the replies. I started codecademy once and I got lost but it's probably like you said you have to pay for the courses that you want to take and maybe get some extra assistance

Pick a direction and go. Find a problem, fix it. Make something.

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I'll second Free Code Camp. Starts with the very basics and works up to very advanced. TONS of material, and you basically create your own portfolio along the way.

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If you want a bachelors I would recommend, I am currently enrolled and I like it.

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I'm starting and I've looked into Are they going verydeep into the coding or is it mostly theory? I noticed it's like html, java, and some database stuff? No php or anything else?

Typical university level bachelors/masters/phd will have you learn a lot more theory than they’ll make you learn practical stuff.

The expectation is that you’ll learn practical stuff that makes you productive on the job or by your self, just practice practice practice.

Generally, you’re going to need both if you’re going to do the job, the only flip side of the profession is that you can get started by yourself.

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