Online database of north american cars to import to SQL

So I need to import a bunch of cars to an SQL database with the fields Year, make and model. (mostly interested in cars from 2013 -> 2018)

I'm having a hard time tracking down a database since most are targeted at car buyers not programmers.

Any help would be appreciated

you're going to be hard pressed to find this data for free.

I used this when I needed the data for a project.

I saw that after some more intensive googling.

I've passed it to my supervisors, but a free option will always be a plus (cheapscaps)

It's not that expensive, when you consider the data you're getting.

Think of it this way: how many hours would you be spending to accumulate the data for you? Now, how much per hour would it be to pay this service $45 for it?

You get it, I get it.

Bosses do not.

Looks like it's 2 years old and may not be limited to North America but it might get you started

Then you may be at the wrong company. Good bosses do.

Just tell them "I estimate that building this database myself will take 100 hours. They're offering to give it to me for $45."

@recoil44 I've come across that data before. It's not complete and is outdated, but it's a start.

The customer wants cars from 2016 and 2017 specifically......

@SgtAwesomesauce I mean its a coop, and coop workers are govt subsidized. So I'm not sure they give a fuck.

Maybe you can strip the data you want out of something from here?

Another option would be to query the edmunds database.