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OnePlus3 OxygenOS broke my phone :(

Just got the new update for OxygenOS from OnePlus. Wanted to install it after the initial reboot the phone booted into the recovery mode and got stuck there.
Guess I have to flash my phone and install it manuel with losing all my data… fml

You can more than likely mount /0 in recovery and get your stuff off. I can do that on my V20.

I’m not sure if you have TWRP on the phone, but if you do, you can mount your sdcard partition and retrieve the data from it before restoring the ROM.

If you don’t want to do that, you can also use fastboot to take an image of the sdcard partition to your computer before you re-flash the device.

manged to back up most of my stuff before re-flashing the device. So far I seem to be the only one with this problem. Dont know what happend.
I Installed the original ROM from OP and will re-do the update again tomorrow.

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Hmmm alright. I’m on FreedomOS rather than stock rom for my OP3. It’s been stable since February.

I got the update yesterday aswell. All went swimmingly. Sorry to hear that you had trouble…

I used the original Image provided by OP and did the update again with no errors.
Seemed to be a temporary problem.

Thx for all the replies :slight_smile: