OnePlus: OnePlus X is Dead

Apparently OnePlus is Killing off the OnePlus X with no plans of a successor and no plans to restock them in the store. I guess they finally realized how stupid the phone was without 4G support.

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to be fair you could buy the one for about the same price.

so it doesn't make sense, just buy the older flag ship than buy a phone that hsa all its corners cut

Yeah but the OnePlus X has expandable storage. which the other OnePlus phones don't have.

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considering most phones only support 64gb for expandable storage, I think a 64gb or better phone with no SD card is acceptable.

Depends on the person. Android takes up 8GiBs of Storage alone. with apps and music will fill that up quick.

myself personally 32GiBS of Storage is not enough. my Phone is my music device and my computer on the go.

I have over 30gbs of music, 64bg is plenty for me. I even put some TV shows on it.

Like I said. it's not for me. and I'm sure others is the same way. 90GiBs of Music is what i have and I normally put about half of it on my phone.

put 10% on phone, use plex for the rest

Meh, its a phone. I don't see the big deal. Personally I would like to just use a laptop for everything.

OnePlus kind of handicapped the X's performance in the market by still offering the OnePlus One 64gb model for the majority of the X's life. I'm not bothered to see the X go, I never go into it.

It's not. the phone sucked ass. Specs were perfect for a mid-range phone and the phone was open. the problem was it had no real 4G Support for the most popular service providers.

Laptops are great phones /s


I have one and this is quite upsetting. They promised we would get MM last month, but they lied about that. I don't run Oxygen anymore. My next phone will be a Nexus. I was hoping for a OnePlus One experience out of the box, but they handed me was a terd that I chose to polish a while back.

Great phone, crappy developers.

They also claim to have fully OSS kernels, but they don't maintain authorship. This technically violates GPL.

Don't worry guys, I am working on a project right now that should revive this thing. I've been working on Darkobas lately and everything may be coming at you soon. Not so sure though. Starkiller comes first though

Actually it is closer to 1.3gb. It is the OEM partitions that take up so much space though

And what is in these partitions?

Not necessarily true. They may say a phone supports 64gb or even as low as 32gb through microSD. But my Sony Xperia Play and my Blu Studio 5.5 both are able to use the 128gb microSDXC cards even though it says "up to 32/64gb expandable memory."

I was planning on selling mine too, hope this doesn't cause resale value to plummet

See for yourself (pulled from my



A lot of its cache and a fair bit of it is used for storing things such as IMEI in the EFS partition.

Already has unfortunately. The most you'll probably see is 150-175 depending on the condition