OnePlus One purchasing decision help

I got an invite and I'm still wondering whether or not it's worth buying it now or waiting for future phones that will have better specs or possibly a revision of the One, and I would like to know your experiences with the One if you have used it before.

If you want a large phone and are available for an upgrade, I would definitely go for a LG G3 or Galaxy Note 3. It should be possible to unlock the bootloader and install stock or custom ROM you enjoy.

If you are indeed in need of the phone, I highly suggest it. It is a lot better to buy the One Plus One now since majority off all the major kinks have been worked out. The phone is much more stable and has less problems than in the past. I have no problems as of now with my Sandstone Black model.

I do suggest a Diztronic case since they are cheap and fit greatly. There is some report of the sandstone black back loosing its abrasiveness.

I can vouch for diztronic cases.  Using a matte tpu one on my One m8 right now.  Nice for the price.

I thought about it too.
But i heard at the beginning of next year 64bit android phones will hit the marked so i wait now till around February 2015

Honestly i also hope a good Linux phone will be out till than, i don´t feeling comfortable with Google always watching.

I got the Red case for the One Plus One, matches the cables very close just a shade darker.

I found my favorite Smartphone-Linux on a Nexus supported directly by Jolla. I think i will go with something like that with my next phone.


Bought the one roughly 3 weeks ago. The phone is high quality, good screen, good specs, large battery, but the software isn't perfect. On occasion glitchy but usually a restart fixes every problem I've had. Also to mention the yellow band, which I don't mind. Doesn't take away from the browsing experience in my opinion. Also keep in mind that if you break the phone, aka drop and crack the screen. Replacing the screen will cost almost the price of the phone. Replacement parts are really rare to come buy. The thing is there are no phones in the ones price range that even come close. So if you have a bigger budget wait and go for new more common device. If you are on a tighter budget get a one. 

For me I am a teenager so basically poor as shit. So I jumped on my opportunity to get a one because as I said nothing beats it in terms of price to performance. Nothing comes even close. But to each his own.