Oneplus One/LG G3

For a while I've been waiting for the Oneplus One to come out officially in stores but i'm beginning to lose hope and instead am looking at investing in the LG G3 which i saw at Carphone Warehouse for £23.00 p/month + £49.99 upfront cost but not sure if i want to spend more money for the G3.

My question is; Will the Oneplus One ever be available commercially or should i buy the LG G3?

 I say just buy the G3. I've lost interest in the OnePlus One, so I got the G2 and put Cyanogen Mod on it. Just like the One. It is not worth waiting

No one can really answer that question with 100% certainty unless they're actually employed by OnePlus.

But if I had to guess, I would have to say that the OnePlus One will never be available to simply purchase.  You'll always need either an invite or place a pre-order.