OnePlus One and Wallet Cases sound issue camera

So basically whenever i flip the front cover to the back and it makes this weird as noise notifying that the camera is blocked and it will always make this noise. ITS DRIVING ME FUCKING NUTS. does anyone know how to turn it off.
By the way its running Cyanogen Mod 12.1 or something latest mod whatever

ps. I had a HTC One with Insert Coin ROM and same issue as well

I never had this issue before with my one. I would recommend posting this on the oneplus forums or contacting oneplus support.

its this that drives me nuts. forgot to upload a audio recording of it. @Nickco43

You forgot to set the permissions for the file.

wooops my bad @Nickco43

Yep I have never heard that before. I would contact oneplus about it.

Sorry for the poor audio, its the best that I could do. By the way I found that thebcards that I have is causing the interference and I can't contact OnePlus cause I got it from a grey market site :p.