OnePlus One and Diztronic unbox/install

Well I just got my OnePlus One 64gb sandstone black, and the Diztronic shellback case just arrived yesterday so I did a quick little video with my son.  We are in now way a YouTube review channel, but since there are so few videos about OnePlus One cases, and so few vids of how the cases fit or look... we decided to show the one we got.  Anyways... I will add more reviews if I get more accessories soon. 
I chose the Diztronic case because it was a good deal with free shipping from Amazon Prime.  I would have gotten the factory OnePlus One brand case, it was about the same price... but the shipping charge made me decide otherwise.  The factory case doesn't protect the screen when it is laying on it's face... but the Diztronic option does.  It ended up being a good choice... the Diztronic fits tight and feels really well made and durable.

i really like that case, i had something similar for my gs3.

yup same case I use on mine... it's awesome