legit? Also looking for budget phone with good gaming performance

Is this site legit or not cause I want a new phone and asap cause I kinda hate my current phone HTC One M7 due to the camera. by god just looking at the antutu benchmark makes me cringe.

I just logged in.
The oneplus account should work for both the store and forums

Have you checked out the Zenphone 2?
I would have greatly considered it if I didn't already have the One Plus One.

I need a fairly budget phone that has a decent camera and good horsepower and ships to Australia preferable.

I'd get the OnePlus One, errr I mean I already did. Lol.

Good phone, and it does everything that I want it to. The camera might be my single remaining complaint with it. I can never seem to find an app that works properly with it, used Camera Next, and the stock google camera, and it always seems laggy or buggy... maybe it's just me.

oneplustwo, should be out fairly soon

if anything else it should lower the price of the oneplusone, at least that's what I would have thought.

You have a fairly modern phone and I'd say you'd be much happier just using an optimized lollipop ROM and waiting for more 14nm phones before upgrading! Oneplus2 is also coming soonish I think. EXODUS

That Zen phone is looking pretty nice. I was actually browsing around eBay the other day looking at a new phone and you can definitely find some really interesting options. If you are under Verizon you could pick up a DROID Turbo. That thing looks pretty kick ass and Linus even uses it as his DD. But spend the time looking at Craigslist and eBay and you should be able to find a awesome deal.

the only reason why am i getting another phone which is the camera if there wasnt the pink camera problem i wouldnt have gone for another phone. ended up getting a one plus one.

Not sure what your urgency on this is. But the OP Two should unveiled this month. I am not saying you should buy that(again,no idea when and how it will be released). Good to have your options open.

I do like the Zen 2. Wendell reviewed it, and it looked good.

Oneplus One is a great phone but the company is a tad shady.

Use Exodus on the oneplusone and be amazed as well :3

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