OnePlus GPS reception

Hello users of the OnePlus.


I'm looking for a new phone.  Recently I started playing Ingress on android.  Currently I'm using this Samsung ACE 2 with cyanogenmod 11 installed.  The problem I'm having is also present in the latest 4.1 stock rom (rooted) on this phone, so it's not cyanogenmod related.

The problem : GPS reception sucks in my part of the world with this phone.  Also it loses it's mobile data connection a lot.


So I'm looking for people that actually have a OnePlus and use the GPS function a lot.  How's the reception of GPS signals with this phone?


And a second question somewhat related to this.  Are there any good pico 3G/4G capable routers that you can power from usb?  I'd like to pack one with a battery pack into my backpack, so I can provide a mobile wifi connection for whoever joins me playing ingress.  Openwrt/dd-wrt or similar would be nice if it were possible.