OnePlus and their seemingly terrible shipping

Hi All,

I am curious about other people's experience with OnePlus's shipping? My order (OnePlus Two, a couple of extra cables and the Kevlar back) has been in 'processing' since I ordered it on 17th December even though I paid extra for 'Express Shipping'. There doesn't seem to be any solid information on what express shipping actually gets you in terms of improved lead times.

I've raised a ticket with them asking if they could provide more information about when I can expect the phone to be shipped, let alone delivered and they just responded with some unintelligible robotic bollocks which essentially amounted to 'I don't know and I'm unable to find out'.

This is my first experience ordering from OP and I feel like I've been 'had' because I paid for this Express shipping option which doesn't seem to mean anything at all.

It would be good to hear what other people's experiences have been with them.

it takes them a week or two to ship it out, but once they do it will arrive in 3 days or so.

When I ordered my OnePlus One, its processed for 3 days (which was the maximum time they saif it would take) and once it actually shipped it only took 7 hours until it arrived

That is crazy! What I can't seem to find is anywhere I could have found that information before choosing to pay extra to get it here sooner. Let's face it; there's nothing 'express' about waiting that long for something to be shipped.

Sorry to say it dude, but this is kind of the price you pay for not buying through a Newegg or Amazon during the holiday season... I know the OnePlus two can't be bought anywhere but the OnePlus site, but OnePlus isn't a gigantic company that can deal with the holiday rush as well as a re-seller like a Newegg or Amazon. I bought my OnePlus One through the OnePlus site mid way into October, and it arrived as fast as the Amazon package I bought the same day that had Prime Shipping.

the express shipping is for the shipping company, not for oneplus.

they will process your order at the same pace regardless, but trust me when I say their express shipping is fast.

I got my opo in like 1.5 days after it shipped out

Yeah I do understand that. My frustration is more with the lack of information on the site. If the site said anything about it taking that long to be shipped, I could have made an informed decision and spent my money accordingly.

OnePlus may be in the middle of working through their huge demand after releasing the OP2 for the public without invites.

Seeing as you bought in the same rush, this should be expected...

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Just for the record, One Plus is in Shenzhen.... They just had a major mudslide. Happened over the weekend.

Not saying that's cause for a delay, but it might be.

Also, You ordered it on Thursday of last week. Depending on where you are located, Shenzhen is in UTC+8, so if it was ordered at Noon UTC it was already 20:00 in Shenzhen. Might not get handled until the next day (Friday) or the following Monday (today)
As I said, Shenzhen had a major Mudslide over the weekend, so it may cause delay.

Both good points that I hadn't taken into account. Especially the mud slide. Thanks for your input.

Either way I have had an email today apologising for the delay and telling me it's shipped and I have a tracking number. Albeit this is contrary to what I've been told by them before, it's cool that they took the time to email and reassure.

Confidence somewhat restored :)

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