OnePlus 6: worth the upgrade over Nexus 6P?

Curious about thoughts and opinions.
I love my 6P, except it has some severe battery issues (surfaceflinger process pegs my CPU @ 1.5GHz). Seems to alleviated with root access, but I’m left with a worn battery and now I can’t use mobile payments. My device hasn’t been de-certified yet, so I can still access restricted apps like Netflix, but it’s frustrating not having NFC/mobile payments.

OnePlus 6 seems to be an enticing option with 1080 OLED display, and headphone jack. Curious about low-light camera performance.

So thoughts? Is such the jump worth it?

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Been waiting to see a OnePlus6 thread around here. I’m waiting for some solid reviews on the 6 to see if its worth leaving my somewhat reliable LG G3.

IMO just to get mobile payments back I would “upgrade”. Not from a convenience standpoint but from a security standpoint. I go out of my way to use mobile payment when possible because as of yet, it doesn’t matter how pwn’ed the POS device or network is, my payment info/card is safe. A Chevron just re-did their pumps over here to now have NFC so its my top pick now.

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Absolutely worth it. Fast, decent battery life, oxygen OS is OK…

Go for it.

I went from the Nexus 6 to a 5t. I can’t say I was/am impressed with the upgrade (there really isn’t any performance benefit), but the battery does hold out longer.

I’m neither pleased or disappointed with getting the 5t to replace my Nexus 6. Only reason I got it was because I got tired of dealing with bugs/crashes in custom roms… Not that OxygenOS doesn’t have its issues, but it is really nice.

My Nexus 6 still works as well as it did on day one though… Given you’re dealing with hardware issues that are fairly common for the 6P, I think it’s reasonable to get the Oneplus 6 (or a 5t if you want to save a few bucks).

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My most recent phone, the OnePlus 3 bit the dust last week when I dropped it face first onto the concrete.

That being said, I felt no need to upgrade before that happened. The OnePlus 3 had a massive edge in longevity with its 6GB of RAM, and was one hell of a smooth experience for the years that I had it. No complaints at all from me.

I’m going to buy the OnePlus 6 when it releases on the 22nd, but my advice to you would be to wait until more reviews are released.

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From the 6p you will get a number of improvements in performance but they won’t be ground breaking. You will notice it more when you have multiple apps open. The camera is my only worry as one plus have never been great at them. Everything else has been solid through generations.

If you have the cash to upgrade I would say do it.

I s’pose security is a good point. The convenience hasn’t been a huge deal for me since my credit card supports tap to pay, but with mobile, it’s a virtual account so it is safer.

I was definitely eyeballing the 5T, but by the time I decided to pull the trigger, they were either sold out, or way above retail price, and the 2nd hand market hadn’t come down at the time (if anything, it spiked up when I was looking).
I think the primary issue is software on my Nexus 6P - like I said, it is a process that pegs the CPU, and not having root makes it a real headache to find, and even a bigger headache to fix. The dead battery is just the straw that broke the camel’s back. It would be quite refreshing to have a phone that doesn’t need a full recharge by lunch time.

My brain agrees, but my impulse is to order day of. I s’pose I’m not in hurry, so I really should wait for some reviews.

I wasn’t expecting much improvement, just more stability. I already thought the 6P was a phenomenal phone, so if I can get slight improvements, that’s gravy! As mentioned in previous responses, the software from Google isn’t acceptable with rogue processes that I can’t shut down. The “security” stance to disable major functionality of my phone for obtaining root to fix the issues they won’t is mind-boggling to me. To be fair, I don’t know how much is hardware vs software, but both are crapping out on me. If I can get slight increases with all-day battery and a good low-light shooter, I’ll be happy.

Anyway, thanks all who have responded thus far. It seems the consensus is go for it, but I should wait for reviews (particularly for camera). Feel free to chime in some more! :slight_smile:

What about those “Restricted apps” btw. I could use Netflix on my One Plus One before. Now running Android 8.1 and it’s Gone. Just assumed it isn’t available yet or something like that. How are they restricted? Or is it just Android Version, like I thought it is.

Didn’t do a whole lot of modding. Just put linage os on it and installed the A.R.I.S.E. sound mod, witch is fun to play around with.

One battery replacement, still works perfectly fine for me. :wink: But I also dont really do anything other than chatting, browsing, listening to music and wifi hotspot.

EDIT: ahh its actually “Rooted or uncertified Android mobile devices are unable to download the Netflix app from the Play Store.”

I’m no fan of glass backs in general and especially so when they didn’t take the opportunity to include wireless charging. For me personally the battery capacity isn’t enough, but with the handy option of carefree wireless charging could have mitigated that.

One big benefit for me is that OnePlus phones seem to have the best LineageOS support.

Not having wireless charging is a little disappointing, but I would never use it over Dash charging anyway. Not having it just keeps the overall cost of the phone down, anyway.

When dash charging charges the phone from 0 to 60% in 30 minutes, why bother with wireless charging?

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Wow, you’re in the same boat as me, I’m considering a OP6 over my 6P due to battery issues.

I replaced a friend’s 6P’s battery and it went straight back to being shit within three months, and it was a pain in the arse to change, so I don’t think I’ll bother with my 6P.

The question for me personally isn’t whether it’s worth upgrading from my 6P, but instead whether it’s worth getting a 5T on eBay for about £100 cheaper than the 6.

Tbh I’m leaning towards the 6 for the slight spec bump, and because I like the notch.

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So I did the thing. Let me know if y’all want to see something specific or if you have questions about the device.


I’ll be receiving mine tomorrow. If you are in the US, what carrier are you using? If it’s AT&T, do you get full coverage on 4G LTE? I remember that my OnePlus 3 got the shaft, and only got HSPA+, and nothing more.

Battery life, as well as how visible the screen is when outside in the sun would be good to know.

How is the speaker? Moving from front facing stereo speakers to a bottom facing speaker may be an issue for me

I’m on T-Mobile, and I’m getting full LTE connection. HD voice seems to be a thing seems to be a thing as well. It seems AT&T uses bands 12 and 17, which the Snapdragon 845 chipset supports, so you should have any issues with AT&T; the 820 chip in the OP3 didn’t support those bands, so that might explain why you were stuck with HSPA+.

Coming from a Moto E4 plus, which has so much battery capacity it can brute force nearly two days of use without ever entering a sleep state (i.e. always awake), I doubt I’ll be impressed. That said, I hear most users should get a full day’s worth of moderate usage (4-6 hours of screen-on) which is about inline of my 6P. I might confirm, but I’m going to avoid running full, deep cycles on the battery (I’m trying to keep it between 30-70%). I will post some stats from BetterBatteryStats and AccuBattery. I’ll have to get back to you on outdoor visibility since tomorrow is going to be a gloomy/cloudy day with a decent chance of rain; speaking from my 6P, it has never been an issue, and that extends to any handset using OLED displays.

Speaker is not meant for media consumption. It does a decent job for video or podcasts, especially if you cone your hand around the speaker, but you can’t forget about music - doesn’t have the range. It’s not an issue for me as I use headphones - not having a 3.5mm stereo jack would be a major issue, and quite honestly, this was a selling point for me.

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So, I replaced the battery - now I got TWO PHONES! Bonus points for not cracking the camera glass - that took a lot of patience… And heat.

@anon46267848, have you found replying to threads here with chrome on the OP6 has inaccurate touchscreen actions? For instance I try to tap ‘reply’ after typing something out and the screen acts like I’m touching something much higher in the screen, compensate and aim lower, now it hits lower stuff. I have to just tap out and reply via laptop. I might try another browser because I’m betting its at that layer.

Yeah it happens on all Android phones.
It’s a bug with discourse.


I miss the home button on the OP3. The OP6 has me constantly hitting the home button every time I hit the space bar when I’m typing stuff out.