OneDrive VS Google Drive (Privacy perspective)

From a privacy and security perspective which is better to use for every day files?

I've actually never heard of One Drive. (does le google... Microsoft One Drive...) Oh, it's Microsoft based? Yeah go Google. It's better protected and more private XD

Generally, Google is the "safe" option because they take security seriously. If they sucked at it they'd be out of business and they know it. So it's under lock and key with them. And Microsoft is the NSA's lapdog. Even if Google is eeevviiiillll they still beat Microsoft as far as that goes. Why do you think Logan says he hates that he loves Google services?

yeah that's not even remotely true. Google Drive isn't safe either. people want to get paranoid about microsoft, then get paranoid about Google. they have more incentive to turn "Evil" than anyone else. they have WAAAAY more people in their grasp then Microsoft. in fact no cloud service is Technically "safe". you're giving a company access and a place to hold on your files. anything can go wrong.

Well, yeah, but that goes without saying. I was speaking relatively.

Nothing internet based is rock solid. Even to assume so is foolish (i.e. the "fappening"). But, relatively speaking, would I trust Google over Microsoft? Yes. Google's entire business relies on security and every time they are in the news about it, it seems they are legit taking things seriously. Microsoft has a reputation against them, however, and they are way too friendly with the NSA. You're totally right about Google's potential to be worse. But that doesn't mean Microsoft is safer. I rather trust the rough looking guy than the clean cut gentleman who i happen to know has a criminal record, if that makes sense.

I'd rate either of them for availability - they are unlikely to loose your data. However according to this recent article -

*If privacy is a major concern then it should be noted that Microsoft
reserve the right to scan your files to look for what it would deem
objectionable content. This could be copyrighted material or things of
an explicit nature. Apple has a similar policy, making the two
potentially more intrusive than their competitors.*

If you are concerned about privacy with any cloud provider there is:

EDIT: This is why you need to use products like Boxcrypter and PGP when using cloud services:

As far as privacy, wouldn't setting up a server and running ownCloud be the most private?


Chances are there is some background processing of your stored data - after all its a free cloud storage service.
Encrypt the folders with a password before syncing them to the cloud if you want a bit of piece of mind.
Mega have a cloud based service that puts security and privacy at the forefront.

The down side of OneDrive...

"In order to use OneDrive, you must sign up for a Microsoft account, which gives you access to Outlook, Xbox Live, and other Microsoft services. Whether or not you want all those extras is up to you."

Then there is this to consider in using any cloud storage.....who owns the files you store there?

"When you upload or otherwise submit content to our Services, you give
Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store,
reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as those resulting
from translations, adaptations, or other changes that we make so that
your content works better with our Services), communicate, publish,
publicly perform, publicly display, and distribute such content."

Most cloud services have similar terms of usage, but you have to ask the question why do I need a cloud based storage solution?

If you encrypt the data stored in a cloud based service your semi-safe, but that doesn't in any way change the terms of usage, or who actually owns the data you store there.

To me ownCloud or a basic USB thumb drive (encrypted) is a better option, if you are a artist, developer, programmer, or just about anyone who creates content a cloud based storage solution is probably the worst place to store your data.

I disagree with your last sentence.

You would fail any kind of risk assessment at any decent firm, for not having an offsite storage facility. Cloud storage does not have to mean a free, consumer grade piece of rubbish. Paying a specialised data center or having your own off-site server is critical when it comes to fire, theft and any other physical danger. It can be as safe and secure as you want it to be.

It all depends how crucial your data is to you and how easy it is to replace (if it can be replaced at all). Even on a personal level.. something like my music collection, which has built up over decades, is impossible to completely replace now. I have it backed up at home and also have a backup 25 miles away at my parents house. I should probably go even further with my protection...

No disagreement here, and the rule of 3 separate backups with one being off site should be the norm, but the topic at hand was OneDrive vs Google Drive not best data protection practices.