One USB3 header pin broke off, safe to reuse?

Well this is an interesting development here. While I was trying to unbend a pin on the USB3 header it broke off. This is the D1- pin, according to the motherboard's manual. Apparently, I think this pin was bent when I plugged the front panel USB3 ports that came with the board when I was rebuilding the PC and had been using it without even noticing that the header was -1 pin the whole time.

But as a precaution, without the D1- pin, will the header still be safe to use again?

know anyone handy with a solder gun?

Well I do have a soldering iron. But is that a bit overkilling, considering the risk of melting the header's plastic housing if I ever drop molten solder?

And another thing, if this can't be done in anyway, the shop where I got this board from still has them in stock. I also got the receipt for it.

housing smoushing it contains nothing sensitive. get hot man.

how is it broken off? do you still have some pin, or is it flush with the board?

first plug it in and see if it works, it either will or wont, it wont damage anything

if it doesn't and you have some pin left try to solder the pin or some wire to the end; the plastic isn't very important and it's probably not near anything rediculously heat sensitive (dont quote me on that last part)

if it broke off flush with the board i wouldn't recommend  messing with it

OK, no need to bump this anymore. It's all done. Sent the board off for repairs, got it back in one piece

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