One-stop shop for overclocking?

Is there a place like that for us who don't want to experiment on our own? I have spent a lot of time looking through forums, but I have not found a one centralized place

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I don't overclock at all , but from what I know , each cpu/motherboard is different and requires specific settings. So really just looking through forums and seeing what others do is kinda how it goes.

Overclockers are usually technology advanced so it is strange that nobody of them made a website where you would choose your CPU, your MB, and see the list of all frequencies that people have tested. Maybe even a voting system if somebody else tested it.
I have searched it, but for Ryzen you have to search a lot to find any settings and it is hard to determine how much to trust a person from a random forum;

Every CPU is different.

My suggestion is start with all stock settings. Then tweak the multiplier until it crashes.
Then back it off one notch. Don't even mess with voltages, etc. Just go for the easy overclock. Is 200MHz more going to make that much of a difference? Cuz that's usually about all that you can get from a mild to a heavy overclock.

If you really want to cheeze out you can go here and buy a binned CPU that has already been tested for overclocked speed:

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There is tho
Mainly Hwbot but also 3dmark (to a lesser extent than Hwbot but still) and a whole host of OC geared forums like the Hwbot forum among others.

Work your way up to the overclock they got.

Dont just go out and enter the values they got.

This, did actually think doing same for memory.

From my experience its so that stock goes +5C from that MHz bump, then turning enough voltage for next bump is instantly another +5C, and then after comes point where voltage rises temp more than it "should" like +8C which makes me feel uncomfortable and I wont go there. Anyone else confirm its roughly like that?