One quadro M5000 vs two M4000 with SLI

Iam building a pc with dual e5 2687with v4 on z10pe d16 ws. Already bought the processors.
Iam stuck at selecting gpu.
I was wondering if One quadro m5000 is better or
Two m4000 via sli is better choice.
Also I was wondering if the mobo I hav selected will allow SLI.


Well do you really need cuda?

It supports SLI

But you might as well stick to the one card unless you know the software can use 2 GPUs

Well I need Cuba cores for vray rt. I can have fast viewport interactive renders. Also I work on huge dynamic simulations like real flow n bifrost.

I was thinking SLI will reflect 2 gpu's as one.
So I was in doubt tht maybe if I use 2 m4000s will it be as good as m5000 or better than that.

For info- in india 2 quadro m4000 together are cheaper than one m5000.

So only if 2 m4000s will act as complete one gpu
Like all mhzs, cuda cores, memory will add up to one big gpu, then I will consider m4000, or else I'll go with the more expensive m5000.

Not sure how that software utilizes multiple GPUs, you'd have to look more into that if it sees 2 GPUs as a single GPU for workloads

Seems like you can set different GPUs to do different things in it, dunno if it can double up for more performance in one thing
"Why does my UI become sluggish when I use V-Ray RT GPU ?–
If you have multiple GPUs, you can speed up screen refresh time by
removing the GPU used for monitor/viewport redraw from the devices that
RT GPU uses for rendering."

Also it looks like you may also need an SLI bridge to use multilpe quadros, it has the connections on the M4000

may not need it for some software like V-ray, seems like it just grabs all cuda or openCL capible devices and throw them in a blender when you enable GPU mode, but I'm not 100%, you should read through all their GPU FAQ stuff, or just e-mail them questions directly

W7100 fire pros need no bridge

oh wait, you're in india, well clue on your firepro pricing/availability

Seems like it also supports Open CL, if so, and it runs well, look for benchmarks for firepro vs quadro

as the Firepro W7100 with 8gbs of VRAM is only around $650 comparatively

Random W8100 firepro video