One problem is now lead to another... Windows 7

Turned on my PC, tried logging and I was met with the cannot load user profile error. I can normally solve this easy enough by doing a system restore. However after rebooting the pc to load up option to just that, Windows started a Startup repair before I even made it that far. However it clearly did not work as now every-time I try loading windows, I wind up with a black screen with a curser. 

I then loaded up the original windows cd to try and get to the restoration options through that. I have 1 SSD and 1 HDD. The only disk and repair options it gives me is to access ones form the HDD, which go back to last August. However whenever I do system restore in the past it takes the most up to date ones form the SSD. Does this likely mean that the SSD has died? I'm going to plug the HDD disk into a spare pc to grab the steam files from it. After that what is the best way to proceed? Try and reinstall Windows 7 or do a image reset which also goes back to August? Should  I be looking into getting a new SSD? 



Just done a bit of forum trawling on the SSD I have - SanDisk Extreme. Apparently the controllers on them can be very iffy after time :/