One Plus Phone Invitation


a while ago Logan showed the new One Plus phone in one of the tek videos. I am really excited about this and would like to buy one, but apparently I can only get one if someone invites me. Does anyone of you own this phone and could send me an invitation? Have you had good experiences with it?


it's supposed to have general availability for mid to late June.

So why bother with the invitation hunting, just wait 2 weeks or so.

Also the low price is supposed to be a way to build their brand, and is said go away after 2 years, so they'll probably make 2-3 phones with amazing value & then vanish as quickly as they came.

Could you provide a source for this 2 weeks and anyone can buy idea? Thanks.

Im tossing up between the OnePlus One or the OPPO Find 7. If the invite only thing drops, maybe that will make up my mind. The Find 7 is hard to find in NZ, The Find 7a is easy however. Sister of the OnePlus One

only get one if someone invites you is the way Gmail got going using the ol take away tactics, which means I will probably end up with 13 of them. bugger