One plus one warning

It’s collecting alot of indentifiable information…


I think it was last year or the one before, my memory is really shit at times, but there was a big batch of phones phoning home to china for an ad agency or something. Not really surprising when you think about it. We do the same with plenty of stuff in the west.

It’s just a part of life at the moment these days.

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Oh no china can see my dick.

Honestly, heres how I now look at my mobile space. What do I do on a phone?

-Podcasts: All linux and dev shit, then video games. Typical college MIS student shit.
-Music: Drum and bass. Again, what isn’t expected.
-Games: Who doesn’t?
-Photo’s: I have a 4K camera. Sometimes I do videos for my YT channel.
-YT: Anyone can see that I don’t really care.
-Porn: Because yeah

My “digital” life says I am the typical college student using YT as an out / vlog because I sit at a desk all day doing code and bullshit. And thats almost correct minus the college student for now and add in some other things. Google or china wants to ID me? Great. Means I have a cover for some time in the future. At home, here on my desktop, I have a bunch of linux shit, code I have helped people with, my own stuff, on my mac is some bank shit, java games, on my locked down laptop is BTC crap and my REAL bank shit, and then on everything like my consoles or amiga’s and my linux desktop is steam or classic games or console games, some of which can’t access the internet anymore (wii, amiga never could, mobile consoles like GBA or DS L never did, 3DS is sometimes online, PSP never is), and the rest that I don’t have on PC is in my head or on paper.

I’ve hardly shotgunned my data, I just do this naturally. Its how I organize. If google can figure out that I’m a terrorist and I don’t even know that I am, good job google protect me from myself if you want. But with as little data as we actually logistically give our phones of the early 90’s and back age group… Theres hardly a risk for anything legitimate to explode. Kids though, some don’t have PC’s, don’t want PC’s and live on their phones… I mean they’re stupid anyways, and where we did stupid shit as kids in a physical social world, they’ll just get fucked over left and right because they live on their phones.

Yeah that stems off of chinese ad companies, but people get in a frenzy over this shit before they think over the total sum logistics of what they use their phones for. Scared of this shit because of how you use your phone? Don’t use a phone then. Pretty easy at that point.

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Honestly the “I’m not hiding anything” is a terrible way to think about this as there will always be something you do thats going to be able to negatively influence you when isolated from context. And “don’t use a phone” is not really sensible or even possible for many people… it’d be a reasonable statement if such data gathering was needed for the service in question, but in the case of phone handsets its the exact opposite, they have gone out of their way to get such data, and have no need to do so as manufactures (remember they aren’t even service providers in this case, only hardware).


I’m not saying I’m not hiding shit. Ofmcourse I am everyone would logically. For instance my wallets and bank stuff are on a locked down netbook that NEVER gets uptime. And as I said, paper and brain. I just don’t think its difficult to be comfortable with a phone. And I for one am fine if someone wants to stare aw me all day I don’tmreally give a shit. If I was doing business at home and doing deals in my room where theres at least 6 listening devices and 3 or 4 cameras all hooked up to the internet, I’m the one doing it wrong. But to be freaked out by what your phone sees all the time? Eh. The likelyhood of being thrown in jail for furry porn on my phone is 1%. Jail aw all for bs on my phone, over all, is 2%. This shit isn’t common in america. We hear about it all the time, but really, it doesn’t happen every day, even if you google about i2p connections. No one cares that much.

I just don’h understand the security hysteria anymore. Was I into it? Yeah sure, but my habits are that now that it doesn’t affect me very much, and even less because oh no you have a picture of my dick, whatever shall I do.

Now policy? Yeah I give a massive fuck about that. But being scared of a grey area “they” is a waste of time AND its annoying.

One plus 3 user here. I Flashed mine already two weeks before. But you can remove it with ADB. Linus talked about it on the WAN show.

Personally this company is dead to me the second my brain processed the seriousnes of the situation. imei, SIM card phone number, what you open at what time where, wifi connections and the list goes on.

“I have nothing to hide therefore I have nothing to fear” is not the problem, “I expect my phone to keep all my secrets safe” is the problem. No smartphone out there in the wild is safe and secure 100%. You’re kidding yourself if you think it is.

No house is 100% secure either, and yes people stuff gets stolen as is, but you’d be pretty put out to discover not only does the builder have a key, but enters your house and photographs your stuff without your knowledge. Its not reasonable to assume the average user will never put something important on their phone, so its not reasonable to say security on phones doesn’t matter, even if it will never be as good as some other IT resources.

The house privacy argument has been shot down so many times before, it has become boring to argue against. There is a massive difference between your house and smartphone. Security does matter, but providing irrelevant arguments is exactly that. Irrelevant.

Do you trust your cpu to do 100% everything you think it would do? Bring the argument back to the level of hardware and software.

Do I trust my CPU?

The One Plus One phoning home is still a bad thing regardless of how I answer.
The bare bones of the issue is this isn’t a security flaw, this is intentionally bypassing users intentional consent for profit. Thats pretty much universally considered a bad thing, and its not even like there is an excuse like social media tries to hide behind that it “pays for a free service” here, you pay full price for the phone, then they use there position of power over consumers to generate more income. This exact behavior has been fined in the past, as its deeply in violation of anti-trust regulations.

I say this goes double for the type of data here mentioned here also… completely non-anonymous logs of the exact apps your running and when, what location, wifi and IP, ect… this is basically as close to straight up looking over your shoulder all day as it gets without using the mic or camera. The fact its not able to be permanently turned off very much means this is in no way an optional thing the user has opted into either… which is the legal escape route used by most data collection services this default to on reporting.


There is a good chance pretty much any vendor does sth similar. Better to flash an android phone (oneplus or otherwise) immediately when you get it. You add to its life time and support as well anyway. That is why it is good to always choose devices with LineageOS support.


this isnt about keeping the private information on your phone, private per se, it’s more about the information being collected can open you up to other forms of attack on your whole network and every network your phone connects to. it’s collecting your mac addresses, your ip address, your geo locations, your phone’s serial number etc.

Yeah but you can get around that shit easy. You wrap your phone in aluminum foil.

Since when was One Plus or any manufacturer for the matter, ethical about privacy?

I am lost to the point of this thread. We already know all major manufacturers use invasive software. They’re for profit companies, this is how they make money.

In any case at this point in time, One Plus sells very good hardware at reasonable prices with excellent 3rd party support.

This is less about keeping your house secure, but keeping the key cut secure.

Sure, burglars can get in, but it makes it significantly harder for them when they do not have the key (or know if you are currently at work because they can track your phone).

the point of this thread is that people with the one plus one has an identifiable problem and fix for this information leak.
for other phones what and how they collect your information is pretty much a mystery, if you dont know there’s a problem you cant fix it. seriously guys, whats up with lax attitude? stop with the fucking defeated mentality.


Although my assumption is members here already know enough to make up their own mind, the info would be good for the uninformed but curious I guess.

My point is people that care would have installed an alternative OS before first boot…

Why put your trust in a company or person that has a motive to use you?

lets not make assumptions, either way it was an interesting article

informing people who dont know is exactly the point of this thread.

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The oneplus5 is called cheeseburger lol.