One graphics card for gaming and another for video editing?

Hi, I have a GTX 660 I want to use for gaming and I also have a 9600 gt from an old build I want to use for video editing and cinema4d etc, I was wondering if that would be possible or even worth it?

should be possible. however you need two monitors. one for each GPU. whatever monitor the window is on will also be the GPU that is doing the rendering. so if you put cinema4d on the 660 monitor then that card will do the work.

had a buddy that tried this as an experiment. primary monitor was on radeon card and hooked tv up to a cheap nvidia card just to mess with. watched gpu usage and framerate change as we drug minecraft back and forth between the monitor and tv. not exactly scientific but eh you know

I mean you could, but your CPU is probably going to be faster, and are you using codecs that take advantage of GPU acceleration? I would assume so.

What's your CPU? and I take it you already own both of these cards?

Assuming you want to both game and render at the same time? Not sure why you'd want to do that but it certainly is possible although probably not worth it with the 9600 GT. Best have a beefy CPU as well.

You want to transcode video in the background while playing video games? You could do that but the performance of both would suffer due to the CPU juggling both. DerKrieger is right though, even if there was a benefit to doing this, using a 9600 GT is not worth it. You would be better off building a seperate box.

Tek Syndicate has a video and article listing some relatively cheap options for a very small build. Would cost a bit more in the long run, but if you do lots video editing or 3d rendering it is worth it. article link below:

Thanks for the advice, so what should I do with the 9600 GT, sell it or just keep it for experimenting?

Keep it just as a spare graphics card, its worth nothing.

Do you have enough ram to render and game at the same time. While would alleviate cpu usage if you don't have 16 gigs of ram forget it. Also you will need 2 monitors 1 for each gpu. Finally a 9600 gt is not going to have amazing render times. Also you are looking at cuda 1.1 performance here.

I have 16 gigs of ram.

Most guys I know who dual card use a Quadro for work and a GeForce for gaming. This is especially worthwhile if you have software that has special drivers. Some of the architecture drivers are like night and day. The card almost does not matter (it is ALL in the driver). I have never heard of dual non-SLI GeForce.