One Giant System or Multiple Smaller Systems?

I’m thinking about upgrading my older computer setup to a more modern system. I have a bunch of older Macs, PCs and NASs.

I’m editing videos on a 4 core i7, RX580 8gb, 64gb Ram running Ubuntu 20.04 using DiVinci Resolve.

I have configured the older PCs into Unraid, Proxmox and Ubuntu 20.04 systems and am setting up rsync to sync to my synology NAS.

I would like to connect everything to 10gbe SFP.

I’d like to get a new high power synology NAS with 10gbe but don’t want to pay synology that much so I’m thinking about building my own data server with Proxmox and OpenMediaVault or Unraid (but worried about potentially slow data transfer speeds at 10gbe).

So to upgrade this old pieced together system should I build 2 systems or one large system or upgrade my current setup and get new editing PC?

I was thinking about building a seperate editing PC and a separate NAS for data storage and VMs. The editing PC 8-12 core AMD, 2070 super, 64GB Ram. Data Server: server motherboard (maybe) ECC Ram (maybe) video card for VMs like mac os, ubuntu and others in a case with removable drives and enough expansion to run SAS cards for more drives.

Or I could build one large system with a 3950x or threadripper, 2 video cards, 2070 super (editing), RX580 (maybe for Mac VM), 128gb Ram in a large case with removable drives. I was thinking about using the one system for editing, data storage and VMs for app development.

If I were to build two separate systems I could get specific parts for each system and leave room for upgrading later like getting 2 2070s for the editing PC and get a specific server motherboard for the storage server and maybe ECC Ram and have more expansion slots for SAS card for more drives. Also I could run windows on the editing machine while using DiVinci Resolve as NVIDIA and Ubuntu don’t work well together from what I’ve heard.

If I were to build one large system, kinda like Wendel’s 32 core workstation, I could potentially save a bit of money by having not to duplicate some parts. Having everything in one system might be more efficient but maybe could have some conflicting issues that I haven’t thought about and would not be as expandable.

I’m trying to do all this on a razor thin budget so maybe upgrading the current systems to be better connected through 10gbe and fully setup Unraid or Proxmox on the old HP ProDesk system while also getting a 8 bay external drive enclosure for it and getting a new editing PC might be a better option.

Let me know what you think, I’d like to hear your insight.

Go for the cheapest option first, but don’t cheap out!

I’d favor a 2-system solution, simply because the server can perform dual duties. When not serving stuff, it can render you your video while you take on a new project on your editing machine.

As you’re on a budget, the step-by-step approach is the most sensible. First, upgrade your network. This way, it won’t be a bottleneck later on while offering instant speed benefits in your current setup too. Next, invest in a really good/powerful server. Threadripper based, as much RAM as your budget allows and perhaps that 2070 or maybe even the AMD equivalent. This allows you to retire most of your old equipment (energy savings!) as well as improving your workflow with new personal rendering speed records :wink: Finally, update your workstation/editing machine. Again AMD based, this time on the AM4 platform.


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If you’re on a budget I’d just build a new editing PC and repurpose the old PC. If you need to run VMs you can easly run them on your new system and avoid having to have a big powerful system consuming power to be a NAS and capable of running VMs.

Your current editing rig, without the RX580 can easly be converted into a powerful NAS. While the new editing rig + RX580 will be good to do some edits + VMs which can utilize the RX580.

Also you can try to repurpose parts from the old build like the SSD and PSU (if it’s powerful enough) and buy a lower wattage one for the “new” NAS build.

I think this should save money between electrical bill and in sheer money spent on new parts.

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