One final runthrough before i buy

well im just about to buy the parts and begin building my first rig. Ive ade a few post around the forums asking about some of my parts choices specifically and so now im just going to make a final post with the whole build.

CPU/MOBO - Intel I5-3570k/ Asus P8Z77-V - ( - $358

GPU - SAPPHIRE Vapor-X Radeon HD7950 - ( - Free

RAM - Patriot Viper 3 8GB - ( - Free

SSD - Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 120GB - ( - $85

HDD - Western Digital WD blue 500GB 7200RPM - ( - $70

CPU COOLER - Coolermaster hyper 212 plus - ( - $30

Case Zalman Z11 Plus - ( - Free

PSU - Rosewill stallion series 500W - ( - $50

thats the core of it. Im also goint to move the 120mm fan from the top of the case to the CPU cooler to create a push/pull on it. im going to put 2 140mm fans in its place at the top of the case. the main thing im worrying about here is the power supply. Im not going to overclock at all. so as is I need a little under 400W and I have a 500W supply but it seems pretty inexspensive to be very good.

for the rest of the build Im getting

Monitor - HP Compaq SmartBuy LA2405X - ( - $260

Mouse - Tt eSPORTS Level 10M - ( - $100

Keyboard - GIGABYTE GK-OSMIUM - ( - $120

Headset - Rosewill RHTS-8206 - ( - $55


so as i stated i dont plan on overclocking unless absolutely necessary. I was really just wondering what everyone thought and if the could see any problems with this. if you can see a way that i may be able to shave a few dollars here and there that would be wonderful. and if you see any part that i should replace or avoid that would be great thanks.

I really would suggest getting a bit stronger PSU. 500W will probably cover it, but if you do any upgrading, you might need the extra power, as well as allowing for some deterioration over time.

I can not in good faith recommend the stallion series, I can however recommend the green, capstone and Fortress series, those are the high quality lines of Rosewill

same price, better

any specific suggestions? Im not really planning on upgrading fro quite some time and by then i can probably afford a new PSU but if someone could point me to a bit higher wattage PSU for a similar price (I will miss the blue LEDs but ill deal) Ill pick that up instead.


wow sweet thanks. any specific reason you dislike the stallion series?

Ok, here are some changes I would make:

This monitor is better and cheaper:

HP X2301 -;pgid=c7twGfjc0ptSRpIq7ZUcoGXQ00009kY1l4s8;sid=dEEn_3eXUmtE0ycaj7x-a66YQF3iqkOLsRTQZuA_fpqqVPzsrGrnrJbR?HP-x2301-23-inch-Diagonal-LED-Monitor

When it comes to SSDs, Mushkin is decent, but they're not the best in the world. I would go with any one of these instead:

Corsair Neutron GTX 120GB -

Crucial M4 128GB -

OCZ Vertex 4 128GB -

The PSU you've chosen doesn't have the right PCI-E connectors for your graphics card. Go with one of these instead (go with the Corsair if you never plan on upgrading, adding new components, or overclocking; go with the XFX if you do plan on upgrading, getting more components, or overclocking.):

Corsair CX500 V2 -

XFX P1-650X-XXB9 -

The hard drive you picked out is decent, but it's going to be slower compared to other drives with more cache. I would suggest this instead:

Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB -

I would definitely change the monitor to the one I suggested if I were you, so you can have a better monitor and save money to spend towards other components. After that, the power supply should be your first priority, followed by the SSD, and then the hard drive. The hard drive is the least important suggestion I've made.

I'd also like to see the ram with some lower timings, but that's not a huge deal. You probably don't need more than 8GB, but I know some people like to have 16GB even though that's kind of overkill. I like to see either 1600mhz ram with latencies around 7 or 2133mhz ram with timings around 9 or 10. Again though, this isn't really a huge deal, and if it's free, then you might as well go for it.

I would personally probably go with a different case, but cases are more personal preference, so I'm not going to get picky there.

The mouse and keyboard both look pretty cool. I'm a little skeptical of the keyboard though just because I didn't know Gigabyte made mechanical keyboards. When I hear "mechanical keyboard" I generally think of Deck, Das, Ducky, Corsair, Steelseries, and Thermaltake.

His graphics card uses two 8-pin connectors, so this won't work.

with the SSD i think i can live with good but not the best. but if i have the spare cash at the end of the week when the time comes ill deffinately dish out for the $99 one.

good catch with that PSU thing i would have never even thought about that untill it was too late and that would have REALLY sucked.

I know what you mean about the RAM but its free so i cant really complain. maybe at some point if i have some spare cash ill upgrade that.

Im not even going to pretend that i know very much about monitors but i was wondering how the one you chose is better. is it more reliable? because that is a huge concern of mine for this one because its really cheap for a 1920 x 1200 24" monitor

Well, now that you mention it, there are some tradeoffs between these two monitors. The one you listed is 1920x1200, and the one I listed is 1920x1080. That means the one you listed has a higher resolution, but the one I listed actually has a higher pixel density just because the screen is slightly smaller (23" vs 24").

Another factor is the response time. The one you listed is 5ms, while the one I listed is 3ms. This might not be a huge difference, and a lot of people say they can't tell the difference between 2ms and 5ms. I personally can't comment on it, because I've always used a monitor with a response time of 2ms, and before that I was using a CRT monitor which had no delay whatsoever. I don't know if I would be able to tell the difference between 2ms and 5ms or 3ms and 5ms, but people I work with at Fry's Electronics say they can tell the difference. They say the 5ms monitors have some noticeable ghosting issues that the 2ms monitors just don't have. This is all heresay though, so take it with a grain of salt. I always like to get the lowest response time possible with a monitor though.

That is a tough one. while i like the idea of having the highest possible resolution I dont want low response time to cause problems when gaming. but ive been playing on a pretty shitty monitor thus far and it hasent caused me a problem before. I think i may have to sit on it maybe ask around on the forums see what other people think.


Well, despite having a higher resolution on the 24", the 23" should have the sharper image just because it has more pixel density. 1920x1200 can be nice though, because you get a little more vision on the top and bottom of the screen when gaming. 1920x1080 is really nice for blu-ray movies though, because the picture will actually fit the screen, and you won't get a crazy amount of letterboxing.

well after searching the internet for a while the concensus sppears to be that between 5ms and 3ms i wouldent notice much of a difference so if what you say is true and the higher pixel density in the 23 will give a bit of a sharper image i think im gonna go with the 23. its just cheaper. for a very similar (if not almost the same) result.


Yeah, it should be a hell of a monitor too. I'm planning to get three of them for Nvidia Surround eventually. Right now I'm using an Acer P243W that I got back in 2008 (it does 1920x1200). It's still a really nice monitor, but it's missing out on LED technology, and there's no way I'm going to find two more.