Once Trump becomes president

So Once Trump becomes president who's going to take VP, and other positions in the government?

Trump stated he'll get ppl from business background. Who is it going to be?

I really don't think he or anyone else will have to worry about that.

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the actual fight has not yet started so its very undemocratic and very good for speculation - on how the government will look like.

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not worth wasting thought on...

its not waste of time. Stop going off the topic, and stick to thread.
I'm more interested in Trump government position outlook than Hilary's as her's is obvious.

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Bernie Sanders

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ok, if he comes to final debates i'll make a thread about him and his outlook.

😈 it is still to soon to tell .

An argument could be made for all the major candidate that was apart of the hop debates. I personally would like to see. Ben Carson . for vp or Secretary of state.

thats why whom do you believe he would choose, and why.
if its about personal feelings i'd be really interested if Trump had Sanders as VP (it would make tv great again)


A name that has been thrown around as a potential VP is this guy....



The above link is a interesting read if anyone wants to take the time...

I also agree that Ben Carson would make a great VP.

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idk who's gonna take the other public offices, but it will be interesting to see Trump flex his muscles in that regard. I'm sure he knows exactly who he should pick for the Supreme Court and for his administrative offices.

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Its not like trump can bankrupt a country. Trillion in debt to start with :)

LOL....it's already bankrupt several times over, but I guess he could continue the trend of the liberals and bankrupt us into receivership (default), the thing I'll add is that Trump is no stranger to taking bankruptcy and turning it around into profit.

I find this whole thing interesting. "When Trump becomes president, he'll have all the Muslims killed!!!1!!1!" (aside from the fact he never said he would do that). No he won't because he can't. The checks and balances put in place by our forefathers have made it so that no president has the power to perform such actions. The real vote is for your congressmen. Those are the people who can really change the world.

fallout 4 is my 'trumps as president' simulator :D

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Sorry, i couldnt help it

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