Onboard Sound card enough for ATH- ad1000x?


do I need a sound cards/amp/whatever for Audio-Technica ATH- ad1000x?

if yes please give me some suggested

The best, and most affordable way to find out is to actually try onboard sound first. Use the the rear jack to get the cleanest signal possible from your onboard sound. If it's loud enough, it's good enough. I know in the case of my HD 558, while my onboard could drive them to reasonable volumes, it wasn't quite loud enough for me. Other people have used headphones with even higher impedance and have had no problems. And in all honesty, I think my phone to drive my same HD 558's louder than my desktop. I think my onboard sound just isn't good enough, granted it's from a P67 motherboard, that has had other issues, such as the integrated NIC dying, so it's probably my mobo. So I opted for a Fiio E10, and it's quite awesome. The Fiio E10 is a small, entry level, USB DAC/Amp. It will change the sound (should be more accurate) and make it louder. Changed the sound profile slightly (less bass vs onboard), but got used to it, and love the sound, and still has plenty of bass.


thank you for your reply

I'm noob when it came to audio, I don't need louder sound but better

E10 going to help in this case ?

It can, but I'd try onboard first. My personal experience was I was quite content with the way my onboard sounded, just not the volumes. 

The E10 is a DAC, or Digital Audio Converter, in addition to an amp. A DAC converts your MP3's or other audio files to a signal your headphones can interpret. The E10's DAC is higher quality than most integrated ones, but modern integrated sound solutions are adequate for audio playback/consumption. So again, I'd give integrated a try first before purchasing an amp or DAC.

I'm pretty sure the E10 is discontinued. A better amp/DAC won't have a major impact on the sound quality.


Try EQ'ing first.