On the topic of VR Gaming

With the recent turmoil over Oculus Rift, I have been thinking. VR Gaming is the next frontier of gaming. 

First reason. When you are looking into a monitor, your entire (real life) field of view is not immersed. With VR, your entire FOV is consumed, resulting in a far more immersive experience. My second reason is that controller/keyboard and mouse input can only go so far. This should be obvious, but just think about it. Take Arma for example tons of controls and movements right? But clunky as hell at times, and still not as many movements as real life. We need neural sensors that give the ability for a full range of in game movements. We will probably need some really advanced animation engines though (not implants, leave the tinfoil hat shit out of here, sheesh).  And third, we still have 2 (maybe three if you wanna count touch) senses that are still not being engaged in games. 

This is a thought that I slept over and tried to articulate at 5:30 A.M. before school. Excuse me if I am stupid.

One word: holodeck.

CastAR may be a good step in that direction. I won't settle for anything less than a fucking holodeck. The OR was a disappointing experience to me tbh. CastAR was faster (lower latency), and a wider experience with a dimensional awareness factor, so not nauseating like the OR.


I'll have to look into those.




and this



Virtuix Omni is much further in that regard. Still I think in the end it will be another expensive gadget. Most people are just too lazy to walk around in a cage like thing for some battlefield.