On the hunt for a glossy 4k monitor

I’ve been monitor hunting recently and it seems the only options are either no longer made or are made for Macs (LG Ultrafine). It seems surprising given that anti-glare coatings have a huge impact on image fidelity, I was expecting at least high end professional monitors to be glossy. Another option to consider would be just taking the coating off but that’s risky to do on a brand new panel. Thoughts?

The UltraFines are not “made for Macs”… depending on the model they have standard HDMI, DP, USB-C (also just DP), or Thunderbolt. And also all the Ultrafines I can find have a matte finish.

Even the Apple ProDisplay XDR has standard Thunderbolt ports.

Aside from that if the coating has any effect on the quality hugely depends on the quality of the coating itself.

By made for Macs I meant the LG 24MD4KL, the only sub 30" 4k glossy monitor I found. It has no hardware buttons however so it’s made to be controlled inside OSX. I couldn’t find any info whether or not Linux has drivers to enable that functionality. Might be worth noting my laptop doesn’t have TB. (AMD machine).

As for the latter, the impact on image quality is just a part of the issue, I’ve come to highly dislike the matte look as a whole.

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Heeey, have you found anything?

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