On-ear headphones recomendations


I'm looking for a pair of on-ear headphones for general use. I like the video on the grados that Logan made but as I travel allot on public transport these wouldn't really suit with there open back design.

I've been looking at the sennheiser momentum on ear headphones and the B&W p3 and p5 

I have a budget of £200 ($330) and any advise, help or recommendations would be much appreciated 

I would prefer on ear headphones for there size as I think over ear look ridiculous on me.  



saddly only you can answer this question

you have to go to a store and feel them put them on your head

and all headphones look ridiculous, get over it :p 

none of them ;)

Check out the Grado line they are one of the few on-ear that have an open back design (larger sound stage)

my tastes run towards highly detailed clarity , large sound stage , good stereo separation , uncolored accurate with tight bass rich mids and precision highs ... studio & reference / audiophile sound ... but everybody hears differently.

I would recommend trying as many as possible to find the ones you like.


Try here for a good selection. acqurate
Site is still in beta but you should get deacent recomendations

With this budget, you should definitelly try V-Moda M100