On board graphics chip/drivers question

Hey guys, I just got a new evga gtx 780 graphics card and was woundering if I need to delete the drivers for the on board z87 graphics chip and disable it through the bios? I heard it's better to do so but I just thought I'd get some input from you guys on the subject. I ask cause I had to use the on board z87 chip until I got my 780 in the mail. Thanks in advance.

just disable it in the bios,.
you can keep the driver on there since its not going to be activated.  
if you are sure you wont need it in the future you can just uninstal the driver too  

Sweet it worked with out a problem. Thanks :D. btw is there a good fan control software that I can get? I'm using a gigabyte mobo and was thinking of seeing if asus fan xpert would work. Oh and I have a built-in fan cotroller in my case but it only supports up to 3 fans. Is there a way to plug more in with maybe some kind of splitter?

you're welcome ^^ . uhm fancontrol.. well i'd use something that the manufacturer says will work. but if you want to try something else try speedfan alot of poeple seems to be happy with it but i cant control the fans on my  old gigabyte mobo (s775 ;p). and yes i also use a fancontroller with 3 connections but every connection has a splitter so thats 6 fans i can control. you can try it