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On-Board Diagnostics


I had a wheel speed sensor fail. It drove (no pun intended) the ABS system nuts. I did not consult an OBD-II tool. I read an article about these diagnostic tools and didn’t realize how handy they can be.
Question: Does anyone know if these tools can pin-point which wheel speed sensor has failed or similar sensor when their are multiple similar sensors?


I think it depends on the vehicle. On my old truck, it said which O2 sensor went bad. On the truck I have now it doesn’t pinpoint down to which one.

I don’t know where you live, but many auto parts stores will check your codes for free.


This. You might get a code for a specific one or a general fault. Its completely ECU dependent.


Whilst it does depend on the vehicle, whether or not they can do wheel speed sensors, most of the ECUs i’ve heard of beign diagnosed can give you relatively detailed information on per-cylinder faults. They can also tell you which sensor failed on the engine side which can be very helpful if you’re attempting to diagnose some random issue and aren’t sure if it is a sensor fault or which sensor…

If you can get an OBD2 tool for a good price i’d definitely add one to your toolkit.


Thanks folks