On board capturecard?

I recently got an Elgato HD60 to record PC 1080p footage with no FPS loss. It worked fine for my 360 and Tablet. However since I'm using a DVI to HDMI cable for my PC. It refuses to pick up sound. I tried to use a 3.5 to 3.5 cable to get it pick up the sound to no luck. After looking up several tutorials and screwing around with the settings I finally gave up and shipped it back. So what I'm looking for is an on board capture card capable of recording PC footage. I'm not really on any budget but lets try to keep it under 200. At this point I just want something I can plug into my PC install a driver or 2 then record with no hassle. I don't want 3.5 mm splitters or fancy HDMI port expansion boxes just a simple plug and play set up (I'm running out of ports on my PC anyway). I found the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD on newegg but it didn't say anything about recording PC footage (I think). If anyone knows of any better ones I would like to know. Thanks.

Look at Black magic they have an HDMI card that isn't too much.

However since I'm using a DVI to HDMI cable for my PC. It refuses to pick up sound.

Firstly, although DVI and HDMI are pin compatible and have the same number of pins. The ones used for analogue on DVI are the ones used for sound on HDMI. So DVI has no audio supporting function, so ofc it was not going to work.

What you could of done is just recorded the audio on the computer itself and synced it up (used like a menu to time it)

And I believe the audio jack on the Elgato is an output, not an input as it expecting audio from the HDMI.

All of these devices will capture PC (or anything you can connect using the required adapter) its just usually on the PC its done through software.

While that sounds like a good idea. It just feels like way too much of a hassle. I am aware that all cards can record footage from just about any HDCP free device. But I would like to avoid buying extra components such as HDMI splitters, or another HDMI cable, if possible.