On-board audio problem - Sound card Suggestions?

My on-board microphone randomly stopped working, and the output from my motherboard gives off a distinct white noise audible from my headset or speakers, from both the case audio port and motherboard audio port. The problem is most likely hardware, as the audio is fine when I use my old cheap USB sound card. I'm looking for a pcie sound card as a replacement. Anything less than 80$ would be great, but quality is important to me so I'm willing to spend more if needed. I use my pc for gaming, music, and light editing. I built my pc a little over a year ago so a hardware problem is disappointing but any recommendations for a sound card would be amazing.

(mobo is a 990fxa ud3)


To be honest, the onboard audio is usually not that great to begin with, and you wont need to drop more than $20 and get superior quality, i just got a Creative Soundblaster 7.1 something, when my on-board audio broke, but it does come down to what type of speaker system you have, 2.1 or something better, or are you using a headset *bear in mind, some new headsets have their own sound card and don't benefit at all from a new sound card. 


Ah also, make sure you disable onboard audio in bios, after you install a new card.