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Omv file transfer speeds

I’m having issues with the transfer speeds between 2 Linux boxes. My transfer starts at about 50 Meg a second but gradually slows down to about 18 Meg or so. Ive tried about every setting I can think of on the cards to get the fastest speed but nothing makes a difference. I have I gigabit cards on every system and have tried the mtu settings and tried automatic for the speed negotiation and manual. Nothing seems to help. I’m thinking it’s a samba issue. Any thoughts?

Going to need more details of you hardware, file systems used, your data, and if anything is making SYNC writes.

For example, if you are transferring lots of small files from a fragmented HDD, then yeah, things can get down to single digit MB/s.

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I’m using lmde 3 on all systems. Ext4 file systems on all systems. Omv 4 on the servers. Very large files, from 20 gig to 60 gig.