OMG these guys piss me off with their nonsense


Your point being?

Have you looked at the site? Samsung is huge! Way bigger than any company you mentioned.

Well duh... Largest electronics manufacturer in the world. No matter the api of whatever, they don't care. Blip on the radar... A Scania truck hitting a fly with 100mph... It doesn't matter at all for them. They have probably donated a couple of million dollars just to have their name on the list and can claim we are helping the open source community...

4 words
Social media marketing strategy.

Saw an OP in a forum tell someone a BIOS is not an OS,it is firmware:)

Just imagine for a brief second if all of those went to use some Vulkan code. You would encounter Vulkan from oil rigs and ships down to smartwatches. I can not imagine a bigger push.

Google does care considering the next version of Android OS will use Vulkan.

Imagine Google using Vulkan api in developing Android and YouTube and whatnot...
Imagine apple using exclusively Vulkan...
Imagine Samsung and Qualcomm not supporting Nvidia and Apple, because of all the issues those companies cost them... Nvidia and Apple will drop stock prices like it's the hottest backed potato they ever touched...
I remember Mantle. AMD pushed the hell out of it. There were even some big titles using it. It was easy to use and what not...
Yeah... If the world was more reasonable place... If only...


oh wow, I just guessed something I didn't expect to happen. May be the world is slightly more reasonable, than I expected...

Vulkan and DX12 are knew to PC game development. It gives devs a level of control that they've never have before where as in the past they just let the API do all the work and all the optimizing to Nvidia and AMD drivers. However, with this great level of control comes with great level of responsibility, meaning the devs would have to optimize it themselves, (which is something console developers have been good at for a while) instead of Nvidia and AMD and I think it will take time for PC devs to master this.

As for Vulkan, it's available for Windows so the whole Linux argument is null.

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Um.... but the bios IS firmware...

BIOS: Basic Input Output System.

Is the BIOS an Operating System?

Well, if an operating system is defined as software that allows a
user to interact with the hardware of a “computer” then yes… technically
and literally it is an Operating System.

Does Task Switching define what makes an Operating System?

Considering that MS-DOS was a valid Operating System, and up until
version 5 Task Switching was not supported, task switching does not
affect whether or software is an Operating System.

Does Virtualization of Memory define what makes an Operating System?

Again, using MS-DOS as an example, although support could be added
for memory virtualization by running extenders during the loading
process, it was not necessary to use them. Thus, memory virtualization
also is not a prerequesite to what makes up an Operating System.

If it is stored in Firmware, is it an OS?

Some would argue that a router doesn’t use an Operating System. For
example, there appears to be contention as to whether DD-WRT is
considered an Operating System. Are there devices that store an
Operating System in Firmware? Modern phones, iPods, and more store
complex operating systems that can have programs added to them in
Firmware. So, just because an OS is loaded into Firmware, this does not
exclude the software in question from being considered an Operating

If you can’t add programs, it’s not an Operating System.

Step away from a modern smartphone. Look at a cheap disposable cell
phone. It has an Operating System stored in Firmware, but you cannot
add programs. It runs as it is, and only with the functionality that is
offered. You navigate through the menus as you would any other OS, you
choose what you want to do (play games, etc) and with a good number of
them from a few years back, they did not have the ability to add any
additional software.

If it is not modern, is it not an Operating System?

The point in history at which the OS was created and launched has no bearing on whether or not it is an Operating System.

So, the BIOS may not be pretty, and it may not offer you extreme functionality. However, it is still an Operating System.

In that case all firmware is operating system...

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in some ways that is true

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smudging the line between OS and firmware doesn't let you say something is OS but isn't firmware...

BIOS can be thought of as firmware because:

  1. It's mostly just writing a list of configurations to hardware to bring it up.
  2. Is changed by flashing EEPROM / flash memory.
  3. Does the initial bootstrapping of the OS.

How long did it take DirectX11 to become the standard after coming from DX9? and given DX10 was pretty much a deflated beach ball...

I think you're all just stupid, to be honest. Vulkan, if anything, will only improve ports and levels of compatibility. M$ should be scared for the fact that vulkan could kill D3d because of that porting fact. I would be scared. It would even give companies a reason to look at linux and the fact that it is easier to work from the source.

The stream of stupidity happens every second on the internet. Back in the days you were able to pick out every single one, now it's an endless feed of people and their "Plan-Do-Check-Act" stupidity. Not saying this includes here but it can happen everywhere.

Thing is, Vulkan does not have to be AS good, If it is, that is great. But it does not HAVE to be to be viable. All it has to be is more compatible across a larger scale and MOSTLY as good. As long as the performance is on par with DX12, it will be better received. because the consoles run on AMD and Nintendo is about to join that list, devs will naturally want to use vulkan. PCs will have it, consoles will too. This will ensure better stability across platforms. (theoretically). remember, these APIs are less for us and more for devs. MS may even prefer it BECAUSE of the unifying standard and the load it takes off of them. but as mentioned, we will see.

To whoever was talking about Vulkan being used by google and samsung in things like youtube, you are overestimating the scope of Vulkan. Vulkan is a graphics / compute API designed to help the end user efficiently use the CPU to interface with any given graphics card across platforms, not run youtube lol.