Omg not windstream

So right now I'm a junior in highschool going to school for my A+ certificate and another one I can't remember. I know a descent and fair amount of knowledge about computers and etc. My family and I have had Time Warner Cable for the past couple of years. Because of the crazy bill we will probably have to switch to a cheaper method soon. My father is currently looking into windstream. We had windstream and DirecTV a couple of years ago. The main reason we didn't like them was because of constant internet and TV outages. These pissed us off so much we switched to TWC. My dad works for Verizon FiOS but unforunately it is not available in our area. It has been a long time since we have had Windstream or Directv and was wondering if one of you could enlighten my father to just stick with Time warner (Even thought its shit just smells a little bit better) I recomended we cancel our home phone because we mainly use cell phones now. He said he might to do. Overall though it still costs a fuckton of money for TWC and really we are being fucked by them every month we stay. Honestly I need to if any of you with satelite can confirm if windstream  or directv server is still shit after like 7 years. Does your internet cut out on you every couple of hours or when it lightly drizzles outside, or is it just as reliable as cable. Please get back to me on this.