Omfg read the pin (and following the 6 Ps)

This is a rant. You have been warned. This is directed at no-one in particular, just in general.

Lately I have seen a massive amount of new threads by people asking for help. Cool. But does nobody read the pinned community rules post??? People come in making threads and dont even give you the basics.

If you ask for troubleshooting help, tell us what's broken. I mean... Could that be any more obvious? "My computer is bluescreening plz halp" Well, telling us what computer parts you have sounds like a good place to start. Oh, you're CPU is overheating? Great thing I can just magically know that you OCed a FX-9370 with the stock cooler on it. You're building a computer? How about telling us your budget and what you plan to do with it so 5 people don't ask. We're already going to bicker over what colors you should be flashing, at least throw us a bone about which color paint will do the job.

We may be a bunch of smug know-it-alls who like to sip tea, coffee, wine, and beer while sitting at our colorful keyboards and stroking our massive... LED lit cases... but we are trying to help you, FOR FREE.

The six Ps, Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Learn it, live it.

Sorry for the rant, but this seems to be getting worse every month and I just wanted to sound angry at least once today XD


It gets worse if you look across the rest of the tech sites on the same day. Same posters, same problems, and it is all copy/pasted to try and get the quickest response. By product of google.

Tenacious bastards XD

The best trouble shooting site, just type in your symptoms and it will provide answers.

Now if you've done that, then come you can post on Tek Syndicate and people will help you.