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OLOy: 128gb Threadripper 3960X 3970X Memory Tested | Level One Techs

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Are you sure the OLOy kit is quad rank?
So far the only quad rank UDIMMs I have heard about were those strange, extra tall, double capacity sticks from Asus IIRC.
It think it is far more likely, that the 32GiB sticks are actually using two ranks of 16Gbit ICs, instead of 4 ranks of 8Gbit.

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Iā€™d be interested in someone populating TR3000 with 256GB with as high frequency and tight timings one can get, just for lolz

I think this might be right.

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Oddly, a number of new 3rd gen threadripper users are seeing 5% to 10% higher R20 scores when running G.Skill Neo 16 x 4 (64GB) 3600 16,19,19,39 at stock speeds than when running it at XMP.

3960x, Gigabyte Designare TRX40.

R20 well over 14,000 at stock jedec memory speeds, while 13,500 or less with memory at its XPM settings of 3600 with fabric set at 1800, 1:1

Any idea why?