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Older CPU prices


Can someone explain to me why are older generation core i7s, like the 6700 (K) and 7700 (K) still selling for more than $200 ? In the [current year] when we got 6 cores i5s, like the 9400 selling for $200, 6 cores with SMT Ryzen 5 1600 for $120 and quad-core with SMT and iGPU Ryzen 5 2400G for $125?

These prices are ridiculous ! I’m looking to upgrade my CPU, I got a MSI B250M Pro VH motherboard, so I can only buy a 6th or 7th gen CPU. I’m not interested in OC, all I want is a quad-core with HT. Why are these older CPUs still so expensive?

I’m so frustrated that I went with Pentium G4560 + GT1030 instead of a Ryzen 3 2200G when it just launched. The Intel + nVidia route was cheaper, but it came to bite me really hard. This Pentium is pretty much all I need - but that’s if I’m running only 1 OS. But when I’m running Windows 10 in KVM under Manjaro with the 1030 passed to it, it feels choppy (I only passed 2 cores to it and I didn’t do CPU pinning).

Did any of you had a situation when it was better to buy a whole new PC than to just upgrade your CPU? And again, how does one explain the prices of the i7 6700(K) and 7700(K) ?

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In the scale of intel, these aren’t going to depreciate any time soon. Many OEM’s still ship them as it is, but past that they just aren’t that old and are just as useful now as they were on release. For sure the 6700HQ in my laptop can stream way better than anything I have and still hit over 100 FPS in games. So I mean, /shrug?

Then buy anything else?

Intel makes their money based on inflating their prices. They’re the apple of processor companies. I don’t know what else to say.

The other thing you should pay attention to is what has ECC support, because thats another 100bucks and a waste, and then you need to factor in what they consider to be ‘workstation quality features’ such as avx2, avx512, pretty much avx at all, I think qsync is in that list, and a few other retarded features that I’m not even sure colleges use.

Oh also HT costs another 60 bucks because 4 cores is obv enough.

(btw, I could care less because most of my machines are single core)
e: (honestly yalls be whinin about getting 8 cores to be standard when you barely use 3 )

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I didn’t expect much of a reply, but I mean, it’s literally cheaper to just buy a Ryzen 5 2400G for $125 and a B350 board for $70 than to buy a 6700 non-K CPU alone !



I’m sure that would explain prices. There is still a demand for them.

Unfortunately, sometimes people charge what they feel something is worth. There are people selling laptop motherboards for like $50-100 less then just rebuying the laptop. They are also selling old laptop mobos from 2016 with 7200us for like $500-$600. That’s crazy.

Some people also make PCs on eBay with the amd fx series and selling the for lots of money.

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You also are comparing something that could only be compared to… is there an 8100? And thats at best. Like overclocked and shit.



X99 I think is the last spec out rn. 4000 series just dropped like fucking crazy in price in my area and all the hubs are just dumping them. Bunch of 4770 workstations at a recycle place I stopped by the other day.



An i3 8100 loses to the R5 2400G in many workloads. Sure, the 8100 is around 10% better in single-threaded applications, but with 2x the threads, it has a much better value. And the 2400G is around 5% slower in all tasks vs the i7 6700, almost twice the price for the i7 is not justified.

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