Old motherboard uses

well i have got an old motherboard that has a broken usb controller and i was just wondering if there was anything cool i could do with it


lol, well you can use it for a test bench. If you have the cpu that works with your motherboard you can test out peoples' memory, video cards, power supplies etc. I keep an older motherboard just for that use. Which can be a real time saver to see if whatever component is DOA for example. Saves the headache of putting new hardware into your PC (or others') only to find out it doesn't work.

You can collect older components over time and build another pc with them, this would be great to give to a relative who is in need of a computer, and with the motherboard out of the way you can leave it out of the budget.

You can keep the CMOS battery, never know when yours dies.

If you have older components , in this case a video card, you can start bit coin mining, but it may not be worth it.

Make a router if you save up some older parts : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0JFfpG4BWI

Last thing I could think of is putting together a cheap pc for messing around with different OS's or just messing around with programs that you wouldn't want on your main pc. 

Hope that helps :)

Hmm ok thanks ill look into some old parts i think