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Old monitor not displaying with old computer

About 6 months ago I had an HP Pavilion a1742n, I had just installed Windows 7, for about 2 days it was fine, then out of the blue I got a bluescreen. (no pun intended) I restarted the computer, and I got no display. I’ve tried reseating the RAM, different cables, different monitors, and repeated the same procedure on other computers. (all of these computers were from the late 1999- early 2010 era) I tried it on a Dell Optiplex GX1, Dell Optiplex (unknown model number) and of course, an HP Pavilion a1742n. I’ve tried everything, please help.

It isn’t entirely clear if you are saying you have a problem with the computer or the monitor.

You wrote that you’ve tried different monitors and different computers.

What were the results?

Oh and one other idea which you have probably done, but just in case:

LCD monitors are a lot like a computer internally with plenty of digital electronics and programs running, and they can get screwed up just like a PC.

So one thing to try when having a monitor problem is to turn off the monitor and unplug it from wall power. Leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds before trying anything.

I’ve had monitors and TVs that appeared dead recover just from giving them a real power cycling like this.

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