Old laptop is kill, open to (nearly)anything

Gudday, my PC and laptop got drenched in transit(being loaded onto a delayed plane) and I'm in the market for a new laptop. I was coming from an old Toshiba l850 with an i7 and radeon HD8xxx graphics. Its always been fine for me with an exception of possibly the worst battery life of any laptop I've ever seen. I have used work laptops on overseas business trips like the lenovo x2 carbon and some junky HP ultrabooks. Wasn't a fan of the HP but the lenovo seemed really nice.

My budget for a new laptop is around 1508.00 US Dollars(2000 NZ Dollars). I have no brand bias apart from not wanting another toshy. Decent Linux support is a must and thinner the better.Also I'm not so worried about battery life as anything over 2 hours is going to blow my mind lol. I realise that 1500 USD is a bit low budget but nice build quality would be a big plus. I'm also open to Mac books but I'm not sure how they deal with Linux(I don't support there company ethics).

Cheers in advance.

The Dell XPS 13 Developers Edition gets my vote.

Thanks for the suggestion, didn't even think to check their business site.

Anyone got an thoughts on the Inspiron 14 7000 Series Laptop? They say 8-9 hours battery which is fine for me and it seems to pack some punch. Can't find a price on their website but yeah, anyone got experience with them?

MSI and Lenovo have really good offerings. Not sure what you do with your computer, but they should have something that fits.

Mainly just office crap but I do quite a bit of traveling and do enjoy a bit of gaming like borderlands 2 and skyrim etc. Main reason I kept my old toshy is because it ran those 2 and a few others at around 50 fps on okayish detail settings. Hadn't occurred for me to look at MSI etc because they are a bit harder to get in New Zealand. I'm going to go and have nosey at an importer, thanks for the suggestion.

Okay I've been lured in by a proper mobile GPU. I just can't put any faith in integrated graphics. Today I'm going to look at and my most likely buy this, Acerhttp://m.pricespy.co.nz/product/3102014/properties

Anything I should know about acers? All I know is my old man has had an old Acer laptop that has lived well beyond 5 years lol.

The laptop I have does a fairly decent job. It's an Acer Aspire E5-351-T374. I get about 4-5 hours of battery out of it while gaming. May not be the highest end of laptop, but it does well

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I know they are different models, but what's the build quality like?

Feels quite good actually. The screen has a small bit of flex, but overall pretty sturdy

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The Dell XPS 13 developer edition get my vote. Comes with Ubuntu 14.04 out of the box. Just ordered myself one. Waiting for delivery. The reviews from reliable sources (linus tech tips - I find that my choices and his choices overlap most of the time) are very positive.