Old keyboard died, need a new one

My nearly 15 year old keyboard finally died, so I have to get a new one. In the search of a new keyboard I found out that I should go for a mechanical keyboard. The cherry MX Brown switches seem to be the right for me. Does anybody know of some good MX Brown keyboards?
I have thought about the Filco Ninja Majestouch because I think it is really clever and seems to be high quality. My only requirements are that it has to be MX Brown and have a Nordic layout.

if you like how that keyboard is I would go for it Filco makes great keyboards.  Unless you are looking for something special on it such as a back light or ten keyless 

I think the reason for the malfunctioning of my old keyboard is the PS/2 port on my motherboard, I think it's broken or something.

For a couple of days ago it worked fine, but after trying to plug in some other old device into the PS/2 port, nothing seems to work anymore. Is there a way to fix it or is it broken forever?

Bear in mind attaching anything to a PS/2 requires the PC to be off. Serial interfaces are not hot-plugable like USB

I didn't know that PS/2 worked that way... Now it is up and running again, thanks. I feel kind of stupid now for buying a new keyboard because I thought it was broken.

But back to my original question, do you know any good keyboards that offer MX Brown or Blue, looks aren't very important to me. What keyboard do you guys have?