Old HardDrive in new build?

I've just bought a new rig, and I'd like to just put my current hdd in it. This is my first time doing a build, so I was wondering if this is possible. 

If there is any info that would be helpful to answering, just let me know!

Thanks for the help :D

Yes it should be if it is just SATA and you have all the necessary cables. If it is older connectors than I think yiu can buy a converter. 


When I put the new rig together, will it boot normally or how will I have to boot it?

Also, current rig has intel and nvidia stuff, new build will be amd. will the pose a problem at all?

Sorry if these are some dumb questions, first timer and all, haha

It should boot from it unless you have something else with bootable media on it hooked up. Then you will have to just use the bios to change the boot order.  I havnt had much experience with switching drivers I would assume it's harder thn just uninstalling the old ones and installing the new drivers. maybe i could just research it when I get home. 

Ok so I looked into it and it looks like you should uninstall the old drivers on the old machine put the hdid in the new machine and instal the new drivers. 

Could you possibly link me a guide? I have 0 clue how to do that D;

This is for switching a graphics card but it should be almost the same hope it helps.