Old hard drive data recovery

I just installed ubuntu on an old hard drive and trying to extract data from a different corrupted hard drive. I was able to copy the majority of the data but there is some data on the a bad sector. Is it work digging in and trying to recover whats data i wasnt able to pull of. The only error I recall it saying is bad sectors and the sector number. Would the corrupted hard drive be reusable as well? Thanks in advance.

I guess this video might be a starting point? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddrPnuvFV6E

I can't really help you any further than that :)

Windows accompanies an extraordinary and intense utility called. Check Disk. We should
let Microsoft disclose how to utilize it.

To check the hard drive integrity in Windows:

  • Select My Computer, and after that right-click in selected drive you want to check.
  • Click Properties, and the popup of “Local Disk Properties” will appear.
  • In “Local Disk Properties” you can choose “tool” option.
  • When you select tool option, you can see. “Error-checking”, click on “Check now” option. This option will check the drive error.

I've had good results using Spinrite
you may have luck in recovering some more data.

I have used it with success. Had to reboot like 12 times to get the bios to recognize the drive but then it recovered enough sectors to make the Bios trust the drive enough to let it show up consantly. Enabled me to get back 250 of 300 Gigabytes of data. It was unimportant media stuff from a friend but made for a nice test case.

It is slow on 1+TB drives though although that will be alleviated in the next version (Steve is a slow and steady programmer) so it'll be some time.

If you guys really want to to know how to do this from the terminal i could probably make a little tutorial. Yeah, I guess there could be a suite of utilites you could buy, but all i see in response to data recovery is: "this or that" software works "kind-of" or can recover "most" or a percentage of data written. Forensic recovery is all or none (IMO). and its not difficult, you just need to set up an environment to work with the drive and store the recovery efforts. This process is not Ubuntu, and especially not Windows, friendly. But I work in the field and have never once not extracted every piece of data written to a sector. with experience you can even roll back data that has been over written randomly or with zeros. could be a fun thread if enough people are interrested and Wendel doesnt mind.