Old games tips


i recently discoverd Chrono trigger for the snes and i really enjoyed playing through it,
so im looking for some more old games to play through. Obviously im looking for games with good

Games i already played:
Chrono trigger
Megaman series
Super mario 64
Zelda Occarina of time
Also im open for newer games (with good story) since im sick of the multiplayer comunitys.

p.s sorry for any misspelling d.s.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES, the best Zleda game ever

Legend of Dragoon. It was released around the same time as Final Fantasy 7 and so it was largely overshadowed because of this. In my opinion, LoD is the better game. I've played and beaten both multiple times. 

OMG I've been waiting for one of these threads, you have no idea, lemme update my list since I've played some more since my last.

Now this list is only games I have played and recommend, there are more that haven't played yet but are still probably good, I'm still got a list of my own that I'm going through, right now I've got english patched Policenauts, Persona 1,2, and 3, and about a 100 others I still need to play









I'm washing dishes, I'll get to finishing this in a bit

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The post above me is pretty much the most legit game list I've seen.  I was gonna recommend a couple but he pretty much got most of em.  I will say that an snes library missing Breath of Fire 2 isn't a real library yet, and you already played Chrono Trigger(the best game of all time) so I can't say that.  Jeez he even got Street Fighter.  Like I said, the guy knows his shit.  Listen to that man!!!

Final Fantasy III for the snes was awesome.  I felt like Chronotrigger and Final Fantasy III went hand in hand.