Old Computers

I've got some old rigs, the specs are as follows:


A pentium II rig

About 4 pentium III rigs 

About 4 pentium 4 rigs

A Celeron rig

About 3 gigabit ethernet cards

About 3 100 megabit ethernet cards

About 6 psu's

Around 10 cases

A load of heatsinks for pentium 2's, 3's, 4's and D's. Even some fully copper ones

A load of graphics cards so crap I can't even recognise

About 12 ide disk drives

About 5 floppy drives

Some ide multi card readers

3 sticks of 512 mb ddr2 ram




A ton of unused oem serial keys for windows 98, 95, vista, xp, about 15 in total

And finally an sc-5250 5.1 surround sound card.


My question are simple:

Is the soundcard beter than the integrated realtek audio crap found on most motherboards?

And: what should I do with all this crap?


I've had building a nas and router in mind. 

If you can think of anything amazing to do with all this crap, i'll give you all the serial keys.

step one: make functional something,

step two: donate them,

step three: write them off on your taxes.

step four:??????????

step five: profit.

Would anyone really want this crap donated to them?

There might be collectors out there.


Anyone know about the sound card?