Old computers

Hey Logan. I like fixing old computers and finding stuff to do with them but right now I don't have any and I don't know of anywhere to pick up old or thrown out computers. Do you know of any places that have old PC's. Do you have any that I could have? Anybody know where to pick up a old computer

Garage sales, flea markets, craigs list. 

I've checked craigs list for my area and theres nothing

anywhere else?


Go to the tip you will be amazed what people throw away

Sounds terrible but drive around and find some bins and take a dive in, never know what you will find.

what do u mean tip?

oh its a dump

do u think schools or anywhere would have them


Schools and small businesses do upgrade... But they often do it in big hauls. If you can develop a relationship with the staff (a standing one, not just "They guy that will take out old computers if we throw them out"), then you're golden. Have been offered tons of old computers from my former grade school, work places, and associates.

As said above, if you really don't care about quality, the dump or craigslist is your best friend.